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Sleep Apnea is a temporary suspension of breathing during sleep that leads to chronic fatigue, depression, weight gain, high blood pressure and a multitude of problems that significantly shorten length and quality of life.

Many Americans suffer from sleep apnea and rely on a CPAP device to assist in restful sleep. The problem is that most Americans do not want a CPAP or cannot tolerate one. 40% of those that do chose a CPAP do not use it at the end of the first year and this horrible disease goes untreated. Thus, many patients seek alternatives to a CPAP.

Modern medicine hasn’t yet provided us with a simple snoring cure or sleep apnea cure. However, Smart New You is hard at work to do what we can to help our patients as much as we can.

Today there is help with a minimally invasive Radiofrequency Ablation procedure that addresses the major cause of sleep apnea. This procedure targets the base of the tongue in a series of treatments designed to keep it from falling into the back of the throat during sleep. This procedures is now offered by Smart New You, an affiliate of Healthcare Associates of Texas in our Irving offices. We are the only one of a handful of premier places in the Dallas area, Texas, and even the United States, offering this ground breaking procedure. Over 6000 of these procedures have been done with proven safety and effectiveness.

A newer second procedure is under study in our Irving/Las Colinas location to further treat sleep apnea and to reduce the need for a CPAP. We are attacking the soft palate with a similar technology to see about improving effectiveness even further and eliminating snoring. Preliminary results are looking excellent. Be sure to see if you might be a candidate for this noninvasive study and sleep apnea treatment. Once the study is complete, it will be available to everyone that can benefit from it. Cash pricing at a very fair rate will be available for it at that time but will be free until the study is complete.

sleep apnea treatmentWhen combining these two innovative procedures, some patients may no longer snore and may no longer need a CPAP. The tongue treatment is covered by most insurances and the soft palate will be an optional upgrade offered to patients that are good candidates.

A sleep study is required to determine whether or not you are a candidate for these sleep apnea treatment options and if you have not had one recently, we can set up a very simple Home Sleep Study covered by your insurance and Medicare. These studies are less expensive and can sometimes avoid the need for you to spend the night in a sleep lab.

If you or someone you love suffers from fatigue, excessive snoring, decreased memory, weight gain, falling asleep easily, high blood pressure, and even depression, they may have a sleep disorder and we can help tell you if it is and offer a wide array of treatment options. You do not have to be confined to head gear and being tied to a machine any longer.

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