NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Dr. Powell talks about Neograft

Even though male pattern baldness is a very common problem, affecting about two-thirds of American men by age 35, it is often difficult for men to cope with in their professional and personal lives. A full head of hair is a desirable feature, but pattern baldness will cause thinning on the top of the head as the hairline recedes. For decades, men have sought solutions ranging from hair pieces to invasive surgical procedures, but modern treatment options offer much more success with natural looking results following an easy recovery. SmartNewYou can help you see the benefits of modern hair loss treatment with the NeoGraft minimally invasive hair transplant procedure, which is the first FDA-cleared follicular unit harvesting and implantation system on the market.

Getting to Know FUE

The NeoGraft procedure is a follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant surgery, which is a minimally invasive alternative to the “strip” procedures of the past. In strip hair transplants, large sections of the scalp were removed to harvest donor hair follicles for placement in areas of thinning and baldness. This resulted in long recovery times and unsightly scars that limited the potential of hairstyles patients might wear after the procedure. With FUE, follicles are extracted directly from the scalp with a special tool and then placed in recipient sites mapped out by the surgeon for a natural looking new hairline. While FUE is not a new procedure, NeoGraft is a recent development that shortens the timeline of the procedure to provide cost-effective and convenient care with beautiful results.

NeoGraft Advantages

Along with a shorter timeline for treatment, NeoGraft offers a number of advantages for patients seeking hair restoration. The automated NeoGraft system allows the physician to carefully select donor hairs, dissect follicular units, and place the hair grafts efficiently without the need for general anesthesia or prescription painkillers. A light sedative is all that is needed to keep patients comfortable during the procedure, which comes with the following distinctive benefits.

  • Quick recovery
  • Natural-looking results
  • Predictable outcomes
  • No lasting scars
  • No-touch technology with fewer surgical risks

If you are coping with hair loss in Dallas, contact SmartNewYou for a consultation to learn whether the NeoGraft procedure is right for you. We are invested in the most advanced technologies for men’s cosmetic care, including laser skin treatments, hair transplantation, and SmartLipo body contouring. To schedule your first appointment with us, give us a call at (214) 492-0550.

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