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Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we began our mission with the hope of helping men improve their hair, their bodies and their confidence. In addition to the remarkable new form of surgical hair transplantation, NeoGraft, our team offers many other treatments and services aimed at promoting total body wellness in both men and women. With treatments like laser hair therapy and SmartLipo, Dr. Charles Powell and his team have the most comprehensive services for preserving your health. Read on for more information about our men's cosmetic services, and contact our Dallas/Fort Worth team at (214) 492-0550 to schedule a consultation with us today!

Cosmetic Procedures for a Happier and Healthier You

Whether you are looking to re-grow your hair or regain your old figure, our medical team can help you get the treatment you need for renewed confidence. Below, we've provided a brief outline of each of our men's cosmetic services, with links to help you learn more.

NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplantation: Millions of men around the world struggle with hair loss. Only recently, medical developments have allowed surgeons to re-grow hair through follicle transplantation. At the forefront of today's surgical hair loss treatments is NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplantation. This revolutionary new hair transplant procedure uses minimally-invasive automated follicle unit (FUE) extraction and implantation to promote the growth of YOUR hair anywhere on the head. With no scalpel incisions or sutures, NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplantation leaves no scars and allows patients to return to work in 3-14 days depending on their line of work. Our surgical team, lead by Dr. Charles Powell, has years of intensive experience with the NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplantation system. We offer some of the best results and patient satisfaction rates anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

SmartLipo Body Contouring: If you have unwanted fat that you'd like to see gone quickly, SmartLipo Body Contouring is perfect solution for you. This minimally-invasive procedure uses directed lasers and a small cannula the heat unwanted fat, liquefy it, and suction it away. SmartLipo allows enables our surgical team to effectively treat any loose or sagging skin after the procedure quickly and effectively with virtually no scarring.

Our Difference

We believe in giving our patients the best cosmetic treatments possible to ensure happy, healthy, and confident futures. With physicians who have earned reputations as some of Dallas/Fort Worth's premier medical authorities and have received numerous awards for their dedicated approach to medicine, our facility is the premier location for maintaining your best body possible.

Please feel free to use our website to learn about our specific medical philosophy, as well as educate yourself on the cutting-edge treatments that we offer each of our patients. We have a strong belief in fully educating all of our patients, so you will learn about all of the treatments that we offer and how they can help revitalize your self image.

Visit our location in Las Colinas, or contact us through the site to learn about why we offer the cosmetic treatments that Dallas patients trust. Call us at (214) 492-0550 to schedule a consultation today!

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