Laser Hair Therapy

Conventional forms of hair restoration and advanced devices like the NeoGraft FUE are offering patients remarkable results in regaining their hairlines, but many patients merely need to preserve their hair rather than undergoing a full transplant to restore it. Rather than requiring them to undergo hair transplantation, Dr. Powell and NeoGraft can help them postpone balding through the use of Laser Hair Therapy.

Many men and women just are not in the need of hair transplantation or are not ready for it yet. As the hair follicle dies, it goes through a state of degeneration. It is this state of degeneration that Laser Hair Therapy can sometimes save the follicles and is FDA approved to do so.


The following video demonstrates Dr. Powell using Laser Hair Therapy. AndorSmart offers this service to those of you that are not quite ready for surgical hair restoration. Laser Hair Therapy has also been shown to improve healing time after surgical hair restoration. This is included in the SmartNewYou Surgical Hair Restoration Package.

Using targeted Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), The Revage Laser Hair Therapy System comes equipped with 30 laser diodes that penetrate deep in to the patient's follicles to reactivate blood circulation, which leads to hair growth. The 30 laser diodes are capable of rotating 180 degrees around the patient's head in order to cover the greatest surface area possible, accessing the root of every follicle and maximizing hair exposure to the therapy. Once the circulation has been assisted by Laser Hair Therapy, the hair can receive the nutrients necessary for continuous and healthy hair growth.


While not the suggested solution to patients who are already in the advanced stages of alopecia (balding), Laser Hair Therapy is an outstanding procedure for patients who suspect that they are beginning to bald, and are determined to take action against it. For patients who have already experienced balding, the NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction method is the preferred hair transplant technique performed at SmartNewYou. Visit Dr. Powell today to get a consultation on the state of your hair, and decide whether Laser Hair Therapy or Neograft is best for you!

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